Discover Kallithea

The Location

Kallithea is a clamoring resort that draws in many individuals in the mid year to its pine-lined sea shores and coastline parks. Outside bars serve fresh seafood and exuberant dance clubs load up with individuals around evening time. Close by old remnants incorporate the remaining parts of a Doric sanctuary to the Egyptian god Ammon Zeus and the nineteenth century church of Holy person Panteleimon with its brilliant mosaics. Niche stores sell hand tailored shoes and nearby honey.

Kallithea, whose name alludes to the delightful area of the village and the great view it has towards the Aegean sea, is encircled by a pine woods. It is the biggest retail plaza of Halkidiki as in the vitally common road and the encompassing roads you can find many shops, for example, gold shops, fur shops, shoe shops, garments shops, stores, banks, mailing station, clinical workplaces, traveler organizations, lease a vehicle, cheap food, eateries, bars, bistros, bars, even a go-kart track. Kallithea addresses the issues of even the most requesting guest.



ideal destination if you like nightlife and clubbing

Cart Race

Fast and Safe Karts to offer plenty of excitement


Temple of Zeus Ammon from the 4th c.BC